What the F*ck is Eroticissima?

Eroticissima (Eros for short), is the first Sex and Love simulator in the Metaverse. A VR cutting-edge experience to achieve real-time pleasure. Following our curated adventures or creating human connection through the Multiplayer Mode. Control your avatar movements and levels of seduction!.

NFT Assets

More than a NFT, our Assets are downloadable ready-to-use content to customize your experience!

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Cloris NFT Latex Edition

HAVAS : Hybrid Avatar / Virtual Agent Systems

The sexiest non binary HAVAS will give you full body control on VR, predicting movement, sound & interactions. Create who you want to be choosing your HAVAS from our NFT collection or for FREE by playing the game.

Choose your favorite HAVAS and get ready for the lovely experience of fucking together!  ;)

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Cloris + Gotö

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Each HAVAS comes with custom genitalia! 

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Collection of Haptic Toys

Toys & Accesories

You can choose your favorite toys to unlock beautiful climax scenes and haptic functions for maximus placer. Our Ero's Toys can also control movement and positions from your partners, unlock new LTs & more!. 

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Cloris & Gotö in Webcam Bukkake Adventure

Curated Adventures

Our Curated Adventures are created by our favorite artist giving you an extra layer for your experience. Beautiful scenes that will guide your artificial erotic journey and provide you with an exiting narrative and ready-to-use content.

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M+M LoveTrigger


Our collection of LoveTrigger (LTs) will help you to create your own motion library from simple actions as intense kisses, soft touches to full-on-explicit content that can be shared with your partner in a private room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using a combination of different physics techniques like soft bodies; joint physics; skin/hair collisions and lip-sync all our Non-Binary characters comes alive under your control. You can interact with objects and other bodies as you do in real life!. All our characters are connected to our motion capture library or LTs, so you can even build your Avatar personality, gender and preferences. ;) 

I know, but the majority of the games created so far are a “solo” experience; The feedback and/or emotions from the characters that you are interacting with are limited by a pre-recorded voice off, some basic sounds and some repetitive facial expressions. To be honest they’re male-dominated-creations targeting heterosexual males. This is evident when the representation of the female body it’s either a puppet or p*$y pocket and queer experiences are like unicorns.

Don't get me wrong, they’re some cool projects that I felt inspired by but quick I realize that the experience wasn’t created for my gender, my sexual drive and more important I was always alone with that puppet.

In reality sex & love aren’t a lonely experience, perpetuing this will just make people more alone and empty as we don’t practice enough our social manners and skill that can improve our sexuality and human relationships. It’s like watching an orgy, you can imagine that you’re a part of it; be aroused by it, but in the end: you’re not… you’re just a voyeurist in the corner.

The goal of this project is to achieve the ultimate multiplayer experience. 

No, this is erotic-art. An interactive project created by artists to explore what it truly means love, intimacy and sexuality in the digital era. The participating artists will push the limits of their own sexuality and present a curated narrative to evoque pleasure. Those who are invited to participate have already done an investigation around sexuality, I’m just providing them with the tools, the support and another platform to continue their own investigation.

I'll love for them to explore and master body interaction in the metaverse at the end of their collaboration so the game and the artist can continue growing. 

Zero!. This project is created thanks to the Open Source community, who constantly publish their materials, plugins and assets free to download so in order to respect that, Eros will hold GNU/GPL code license for what corresponds to the core of the game allowing new contributors and creators.

The artists and creators involved will maintain their intellectual property and will have an income depending on the products created from their experiences and assets. 

YES!!! and I’ll help you to do it!. As the project is in an early state we need your ideas and expertise. If you’re a game developer working on Unity or a 3D creator hit me up! to eroticissima@gmail.com or become a Patrom suggar.

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