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The Game

Eroticissima (Eros for short), is the first Sex and Love simulator in the Metaverse. A VR cutting-edge experience to achieve real-time pleasure with the “Solo Mode" following our curated adventures or creating human connection through the “Multiplayer Mode" where you can control your avatar movements and level of seduction with our motion library called LoveTriggers (LT).

Easter Eggs will be all around the Open World and Lobby to unlock each month more LTs, Toys and accessories for your HAVAS. Players can Mint tokens and other assets to trade!. Our Lobby will be the perfect place to meet new people to experience the lovely journey of fucking together, or meet that special one that you can’t wait to put your hands on IRL.

Eroticissima, as a software, will be a “sandbox” for the first year of the project so it can be tested, de-bugged and correct any glitch or non-user-friendly experience. Hopefully the project will grow a community so it can be developed in the future as an open source allowing any User-Created-Content or modification to the core to be used as a creative tool.

All music by the one & only Francisco Mejia aka Phran.


Creator access via Patreon & Discord


Join our Discord and request the EROS_SDK


Support the project as a Creator!. Get early access to the game, tutorials to work with our SDK, free game assets & more...
Eros’s Cutie


Per month

  • Early access to the game
  • Access to the game private Discord
  • Work-in-progress/Behind-the-scenes
Eros’s First lover


Per month

  • 1 Free LoveTrigger per month
  • 1 Digital Sex-toy with sound and haptic control per month
  • Early access to the game
Ero’s Premium Sugar-Creators Only


Per month

  • Game SDKs to work in Unity + Daz tools
  • 2 Free LoveTrigger per month
  • 2 digital Sex-toy with sound and haptic control per month


No payment

  • Free app
  • Free downloads
  • ok, you're just obsess with us!.

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